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I took some new pics of the aquarium tonight . I now have over 70 fish in the aquarium including 11 tangs , 10 firefish, 8 PJ cardinals, 5 anthias and 12 chromis . I still need to add about 300 lbs of live rock to get the back part looking like I want .


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Aquarium Cleaning

Consistent changes are a standout amongst the most critical parts of keeping up great water quality. For live plant tanks, week by week changes are best to supplant follow components lost. In an unplanted freshwater aquarium, water parameters ought to be checked week by week with test packs, and water changes performed in like manner. Aquariums with a decent filtration framework, ought to have a month to month water change at the base, paying little mind to test outcomes, by and large to diminish the measure of nitrates in the water.


Here are some simple strides to proficiently clean your freshwater tank and play out a water change while lessening the weight on your fish.
Unplug the warmer.
Expel any simulated plants and adornments, and clean all sides of the aquarium with a green growth wipe.

Turn off the pump. Disengage the channel and take it, alongside the manufactured plants and enhancements, to a tub or sink.